Advanced Phone Recorder 2.0.9

Rated /5

Advanced phone recorder enables you to record all your phone calls to your PC as compressed WAV files.
If you have a voice modem installed in your PC, you can use it to for call recording. Connect your telephone to your modem, dial the number as usually and pressing the record button, whole conversation will be saved to your hard disk.
You can set it in auto recording mode where all of your incoming calls will be recorded automatically with no intervention. An inexpensive solution for call recording using you voice modem. You can select the voice compression your modem supports, such as PCM-8bit, PCM-16bit, unsigned PCM-8bit, u-law, a-law, IMA ADPCM, 4-ADPCM.
Trial Limitations : Recording duration is limited to 60 sec.
Free trial for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista.

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