Toque Blanche 4.0.0

Rated /5

A full-featured recipe management software.
If ….you have recipes jotted down, cut out and stored in various corners of your kitchen and, naturally you can never find the recipe that you knew that you had somewhere but don’t quite remember where,
If… you’ve run out of ideas for your dinner parties,
If… you need to find out the meaning of a certain “cooking term”,
If… you have no idea what wine you have stored in your cellar,
or if…you know nothing about wine…. then Toque Blanche may be just be what you need !! Toque Blanche enables you to organize (and add) recipes, cheeses, menus, wines, wine years, cooking terms, cooking hints, your “favorites”. Your information can be modified, deleted and printed. Some of the data can also be sorted. Other features of Toque Blanche include management of your wine cellar, one-word seach feature, notepad, shopping list…

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