WebAlbumWizard 1.1.12

Rated /5

WebAlbumWizard enables you to create photo albums ready for internet publishing, customizable, and flexible, in a very simple way. Here is a quick list of the main features of WebAlbumWizard :

  • Automated reduced images / thumbnails generation
  • Thumbnails also generated for folders !
  • You can publish original images, or light images (like 640×480), or both. Intermediate size images are automaticaly generated aswell.
  • Skin system to enable you to totaly transform your webpage.
  • Each skin have it’s own tweaks to fit your needs.
  • Intuitive comments adding on your folder / files.
  • Support of JPEG and video files.
  • Parsing of EXIF informations for details on your pictures.
  • Absolutely no knowledge of HTML or coding skills required.
  • Fully written in C++ for increased efficiency.

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