SesamTV Media Center 1.3

Rated /5

SesamTV Media Center is an all-in-one multimedia software designed to be viewed on a TV set (nice TV interface, bold display, big buttons …). It can be totally controlled with any PC remote control (needs only 5 buttons).
SesamTV Media Center gives you the opportunity to transform your TV set into a genuine multimedia center for your videos (DivX, DV, MPEG …), your DVD, your music (MP3, Compact Disk), your pictures and Internet (Video On Demand, radios).
Languages : English, French, German, Spanish.
SesamTV Media Center major features :
– nice TV interface
– Designed to be controlled with any PC remote control
– Audio file player (mp3)
– Compact Disc Player
– Video file player
– DVD player
– Digital Photo player
– Internet radio access
– Internet video access ( Channels)
– Playlist offers also two hardware packages :
– The Remote Control package contains a PC remote control and the Navigator software.
– The SesamBox package contains a PC to TV wireless transmitter, a remote control and the Navigator software.

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