EndUser4gl Open Source Visual C++ 3.F.07

Rated /5

An Open Source Windows programming language for end-users, based on the Microsoft C++ visual 6.0 compiler.
This new programming language includes high-level ready-to-use functions (e.g. query, calendars, sorts) and is designed for all : general public, companies and computer specialists…
Features include :

  • Windows API, Mapi (mail, HTML,…):
  • Query API, SQL API, Sort API, Report API, (with automatic
  • Compression CAB : file compression and decompression:
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server : update your website:
  • SMS (Short Message Service) : send a message to a cell phone from your computer;
  • Tools : PDF : Generate an Acrobat Reader file, HexaEditFile
  • BData base : Dbase, FoxPro, Access, Excel XML generator
  • initial code generation for Java applets

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