1toX 2.64

Rated /5

A 32 bit file splitter allowing you to split any large file into pieces of any size and later reconstruct the pieces to form the original file.
1toX can split any file, regardless of type, size or long filename. This enables you to backup or transport large files on disk (floppy, hard disk, jaz disk, Zip-drive) or to email a huge file or a set of files in several messages etc… You can even zip the file before splitting and the split files can be protected with a password. The program supports drag ‘n’ drop and allows you to format disks. 1toX can also be used to reconstruct files that have been split by AxMan, EZ-Split, FSplit, Splitter, Splitty, MasterSplitter, RZSplit 97, Packager MK1, Winfrag…

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