FreeSign 3

Rated /5

Free Sign has enjoyed an unrivaled reputation in the world of cutting software for many years now. Now on offer is a large-format digital printing facility. Its powerful, user-friendly interface enables you to forget about techniques and focus on creativity. The large-format cutting and printing tools now offer the kind of performance that people whose business is signs and signmaking cannot afford to do without. Add a dimension to the conventional cutting process by outlining printed documents: import or scan images, add text or logos so as to create posters with a new visual impact. The software features all the tools you need to produce professional quality documents. Its multi-text style creates crystal-clear messages with a graphic touch that cannot be denied. The inline, outline, extract stroke and merge element tools cater for the most demanding requirements. With the vectorization facility, logos can be cut out in a jiffy with no need to redesign them. It is surprisingly easy to create printed and cut stickers with a few movements, thanks to the image outline feature. Free Sign is designed as modular software so as to be able to adapt to the needs of your customers and the development of your business.

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