Cabrio 1.1 carbon

Rated /5

A customizable MP3 player.
Cabrio is the only free MP3 player cool enough for you and your computer. It was engineered to take up virtually no screen space or system resources. Melonsoft hopes that Cabrio will be the freeware MP3 player of choice on the Macintosh. Cabrio combines ease-of-use, stylish design, power and performance into one small application.Some have said that it has replaced SoundJam, MACAST and even Audion as their player of choice. If while listening to music, you grow tired of Cabrio’s default interface, create your own with the revolutionary Skinventor or download one from Cabrio Skincity!
Also exists as Cabrio X, a very stable version of Cabrio that runs native on Apple’s new Operating System.

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