EldoS Thumbnailer 4.30

Rated /5

Visualize and manipulate image files and create web pages.
EldoS Thumbnailer is for everyone who has a collection of images and browses them from time to time. It is especially useful for programmers who often need to select a proper icon or image for their applications. It is also useful for web-designers who usually keep a large collection of split lines, bullets, arrows and other types of graphics needed to make the site beautiful and original.
Images are displayed in a folder all at once and pictures are shrunk if necessary. When you need to view one of the images, you just click on it, and see the image in full detail. The program supports most image formats including BMP, ICO, CUR, ANI (animated cursors), GIF, JPG, EMF, WMF, PNG and PCX. Views of the folders containing the clickable thumbnails can be saved as HTML for use on the web.
Win 95/98

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