Music Mentor 1.2

Rated /5

Learn how to read music.
The program displays a note on a music stave and asks the student to click on the corresponding key on the three-octave piano keyboard within a certain time. The amount of time allowed for each note can be changed and you can decide whether to be tested on whole notes, sharps/flats, or both. After each test (of a user-specified number of notes) Music Mentor adds the score to a bar graph of recent tests (for that student). Music Mentor remembers and tests more frequently on the notes which each student gets wrong. Music Mentor remembers test results and missed notes for any number of different users, so that in a class or home situation where there are several Music Mentor users and only one computer, each user can still have his or her own results stored. The keyboard can also be used for revision or playing tunes between tests.

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