WhizGraph 1.2

Rated /5

A powerful data analysis and graphic presentation program.
Developed with a special focus on the requirements of education, science, engineering and business, WhizGraph is an easy-to-use graphing software. With WhizGraph you can instantly produce a variety of types of graphs including Line, Scatter, Polar, Double Y-Axes, Histogram, Stacked Bars, Area, Probability, Pie, Function etc. Data manipulation is user-friendly and you can sort, transpose, mask etc.. A variety of predefined Statistical Functions are available using WhizGraph’s formula calculator, with traditional mathematical notation for advanced calculations and macro programming. Other features of WhizGraph include vast choices of Axis Options, Text Labelling, Tick Marking, Color Management and Graph Arrangements. Professional Curve Fitting allows for linear regressions, polynomial fits or any user defined fit, and more. The WhizGraph package includes over 50 popular Curve Fit examples for various purposes. Graphs can be exported as image files to be used with other applications. Detailed online help is available with contents covering all features of WhizGraph.

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