Recastor 1.2fr

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Convert PDF documents to HTML format (for the Web).
Although electronic documents created with Adobe Acobat are very easy and practical to use (their advantage is that they can faithfully preserve the layout and appearance of the original in a ready-to-print format) they can only be searched once the user opens them and are often long to download. To read a PDF document your computer has to be equiped with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free). The advantage of HTML format documents is that all computers (online or not) are equiped with web browsers for viewing HTML documents. Both PDF and HTML formats can contain text, images and links. This program will convert PDF files into HTML for online browsing, using a technique that preserves original document layout – complete with graphics, hyperlinks and bookmarks.
HTML files can be found and searched by any major internet search engine. Use HTML to reach a wide audience.
Win 95/98

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