HyperGames 3.3

Rated /5

A Unique Collection of Cool Games and Utilities,
HyperGames is a multimedia HyperCard stack. It is jam-packed with over 100 exciting games and useful utilities. Many 1980s games are included (a Pong clone, a Pac-Man clone etc) as well as animations, music makers, mathematical puzzles, educational quizzes, clocks and calendars, a periodic table game etc.. . Original HyperTalk utilities include a Find/Replace function, an Internet data converter, an automatic index generator, a progress bar, synchronised multiple scrolling fields, etc.
HyperGames has been “battle-tested” with real kids. In fact, many of the games were conceived by kids, and most of the graphics were drawn by kids (8, 6, and 4 year olds). HyperGames can be enjoyed in HyperCard Player, but you can extend the games and utilities yourself if you take full advantage of HyperCard.

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