Le Livre de Cave 1.5.312.9

Rated /5

A wine cellar book software to manage your private wine cellar. Enter and track extensive information about your wines and other beverage types, such as country of origin, geographical regions, wine regions, AOC, cepage, vintage, price, wine grower, tasting notes, quantity on hand, and ratings done by others. The Wine Cellar Book keeps a detailed history of purchases, consumptions, guests and their consumptions, price paid, currency, supplier and free form remarks.
Information which is required (or at least useful) for each wine is predefined in the database provided with the application, this will reduce the time spent entering information about a wine, as it includes such data as:
– over 200 countries
– over 180 currencies
– over 1,680 geographical and wine regions
France – over 700 AOC’s and VDQS
Australia – over 60 regions
Italy – over 300 DOC’s etc
United States – over 150 regions
and more for Argentina, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Africa, Slovenia, Greece etc
– over 80 quality codes (e.g. AOC, DOC, QbA or OPAP, etc.)
– over 4,600 cepage types used in wine production
– over 16,100 cepage synonyms (e.g. Syrah and Shiraz, or Blauburgunder and Pinot Noir, or Pinot Franc and Pinot Noir)
– 20 bottle sizes
The information about your wines is stored in a sophisticated SQL database, which enables you to access the stored information using tools such as your preferred spreadsheet (e.g. Quattro Pro, MS Excel or OpenOffice), word processor (e.g. WordPerfect, MS Word, or OpenOffice), or Crystal Reports, or Report Manager to create reports or wine cellar labels in exactly the way you choose.

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