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AdRem NetCrunch 8.0

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NetCrunch is an easy to deploy, agentless monitoring solution, which covers all areas critical to network monitoring. NetCrunch can be installed in minutes – no additional downloads needed. It can be run on any Windows machine (Windows 7 or newer).

For server monitoring, it does not require SNMP to be installed on Windows (or Linux, Mac OS X or BSD) and uses Active Directory managed access rights to Windows servers (it can be used also in a Workgroup environment).

NetCrunch discovers your network in a few minutes, then checks to see which services are running on each node. After NetCrunch recognizes a particular device type, it automatically starts monitoring it, and sets alerts for the device (using Monitoring Packs). If a device type can’t be recognized, you can quickly set an appropriate device type manually.

NetCrunch automatically creates Layer 2 maps, routing maps and automatically manages and updates many predefined views like: locations, device types, servers, switches etc. All maps can show node status and also calculate summary status. So when something happen to the node you will notice appropriate color and message next to node icon.
Manage by the rules

Whether you need a network map, multiple performance data charts or top charts you can make them with rules and allow NetCrunch to do the updates.

NetCrunch combines monitoring of network infrastructure devices like: switches, routers and printers with server and virtualization host monitoring (Windows, Mac OS X, BSD, ESX/i). It can also monitor 65 type common network services (ping, DNS, SMTP, DHCP. FTP, etc.) and has more advanced sensors for monitoring HTTP content or page load time, round trip email monitor, file and folder monitors and DNS query monitor. NetCrunch includes software and hardware inventory module for Windows.

NetCrunch makes monitoring easy to manage with Monitoring Packs, which contain alerting and data collection rules. They can be automatically assigned to nodes upon given rules or manually one by one. If you want to change monitored parameter (like changing a threshold value), you can do this in one place and the change will be applied automatically to all nodes using given Monitoring Pack.

The program contains over 120 predefined Monitoring Packs and you can easily create new ones for monitoring any SNMP device or Windows system.

Version 8.0 0MB

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