MoosePad 1.2.1

Rated /5

A luxury notepad.
MoosePad is more than just a simple notepad. To take advantage of all the features of Mac OSX, Moosepad has been completely re-written in Cocoa and objective-C. MoosePad features include : Spell Checking, Multiple Fonts, Embedded objects (graphics, movies), Rulers,Table of Contents with unlimited nested Folders, Multiple databases, Multiple windows, Application services (service and client), AppleScript (scriptable page objects and more), Strong encryption, Password protected databases, Database wide search, Page search and replace, Build your own keywords, UNICODE native, Supports Mac OS X international language input methods, Page tear off, Page locking, URL activation, Speaking memos, Intuitive interface, Drag/Drop editing, Built-in software update and logging facility…. and more !!

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