Abracadabouffe 2.0

Rated /5

Does the mere thought of food make your mouth water ? Do you like cooking and eating ? Have you got recipes scattered all over the place ? Can’t you find the recipe that you made for your guests and that they liked so much ? Abracadabouffe can help you !
Stop wasting your time – Abracadabouffe will group all your favorite recipes in to just one top quality book ! Then print out your work of art (including the cover page and the contents page !). Why not give your recipe collection book to your family and friends as a Christmas or Birthday present ?
Abracadabouffe also enables you to catalog your preferred wines and cheeses and link them with your recipes. Use it to create your own wine cellar !
Abracadabouffe is intuitive and convivial with a brightly colored interface.

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