CollegeBAR 8.2

Rated /5

CollegeBAR is the program made specifically for those of you out there that are stuck in the rut of drinking the same one or two mixed cocktails over and over again. CollegeBAR is made up of a database of 11,600+ drinks. This allows the user to type in the liquors he/she has available, and CollegeBAR will compile a list of cocktails that can be made from those alcohols. Finding the recipes for specific drinks takes just seconds and adding your own creations to the list is just as easy. However, the thing that makes CollegeBAR so unique is its ability to allow the user to customize the appearance of CollegeBAR. Change the color, text and even the images on the CollegeBAR slide show. Not only will you be connected to the latest mixed drink cocktails out there, but you will be able to do it with your own personal style.

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