PrestoNotes 4.2.0

Rated /5

Write little notes and stick them on your screen.
PrestoNotes is a freeware utility which allows you to write little memos and stick them on your screen. Each note may be entirely customized : background and text colour, transparency, character font, image, title, scroll bar, position and size, visible or hidden, displayed on top of other windows or not, possibility to open or save in an external file (.txt).
An alarm can be set for each note : single events (the alarm sounds only once) or recurrent events which can be yearly ( for anniversaries, birthdays etc) monthly, weekly, daily or hourly. There is an option to program the alarm to sound either only at the specified time, or to provide a warning signal before the event really takes place : from 1 to 30 days before, from 1 to 23 hours or from 1 to 59 minutes.
When the alarm goes off you can choose to display the note, play a sound of your choice (.wav type), start a program or document of your choice, randomly change the Windows wallpaper or screensaver). Notes can be accessed through the control panel, or through a simple context menu in the Windows toolbar. A detailed illustrated help file is included in the program.
Other functions such as WYSIWYG print, Search, Send and receive notes on network, auto-save, auto-refresh, auto-roll or the option to use notes in random colours make PrestoNotes a unique and very handy little program.

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