3D Petanque Unlimited 1

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With 3D Petanque Unlimited, you can play on PC as they do it in Provence, alone against the computer or a human player, in double or triple. It features a tournament organization for 8 teams, a practice area and an accurate aiming device.
The game of Petanque is becoming increasingly popular and is now played in over 48 countries.
3D Petanque Unlimited allows the player to adjust the vertical angle of ball, throwing to do what the Pétanque amateurs call “plomber” (meaning in French: to fall down like a piece of lead!) You can play this game according to the official rules of the Petanque International Federation, in simple, double or triple as they do it in Provence or in Paris. The capacity of the players is adjustable according to how good they are at throwing the ball close to the jack (rolling in) or shooting away an opponent’s wining ball. You can choose the weight and composition (carbon or plastic are not accepted in competition) of your balls and the surface (gravel, grass or sand). The throwing parameters (angle of shooting, direction, strength of the throw and effect of rotation) are easy to adjust in just three mouse clicks – the first adjusts the shooting angle and the direction, the second the power of the throw and the third gives a final spinning effect to control the direction of the rebound. Data is displayed and memorized for the last throw of each player.

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