Transcribe! 5.00

Rated /5

Transcribe! is a software for helping with the transcription of recorded music.
Rather than listening to a piece of music on a cassette over and over again, using your ear and your brain, and then writing it down, you can copy the music to your computer’s hard disk as a sound file and then use Transcribe!
Transcribe! offers many features which make the transcription job quicker and easier, including the ability to slow the music down without changing its pitch, and to analyse the different notes making up chords.
Transcribe! can not carry out a complete transcription job for you. It can only provide assistance. Also, it is not an editor. It reads, plays and records audio files but does not modify them.
Also available for Linux/x86/GTK, Mac Classic (OS 7.5 – 9.2), Mac OS-X.

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