GifOutils 1.3.0

Rated /5

GifOutils is a utility for viewing, searching and converting graphic files. GifOutils allows you to locate GIF, animated GIF, Jpg, Bmp, Ico, Emf, Wmf, Avi, Cur and Ani files on your different discs, to convert a Avi file into an animated GIF, to convert Jpg,
Bmp, Ico, Emf and Wmf files into GIF files, to convert GIF and Bmp files into tiff or png, to extract the icons from exe, DLL and icl files in order to save them as GIF, Bmp or Ico files, to convert Bmp to Jpg format, resize Bmp, Jpg, JPEG files in order to visualize all images in repertory SlideShow mode.
This program is a perfect complement to AnimGif !

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