Your Voice Reminder 1.7

Rated /5

Your Voice Reminder combines the functions of talking clock, calendar, reminder and to-do list.
No need to worry about the what time it is… Your Voice Reminder will announce it for you using either a pre-set voice, your own voice., a friends voice… with her/his pop-up image displayed near the calendar. You can also e-mail your date/time announcement as a gift to a friend.
No need to worry about your schedule, birthdays, anniversaries, meetings or other events. Your Voice Reminder will remind you about all of these using either text or voice reminders, or alarms.
No more writing “to-do” lists. Your Voice Reminder will automatically compose these lists for you based on the information contained in your alarms and startup reminders. These to-do lists can be printed in a portable format that will fit into virtually any bag or pocket. This feature is especially handy if you wish to keep all your reminders and alarms with you but are unable to take your computer.
No more cluttered up screen. The calendar, big round clock, to-do list and an image of your choice can be shown and then hidden with one mouse move (you do not even need to click).
The program includes reminders for major US holidays, daylight saving time, and other key events. Start-up reminders are shown upon start-up and if you do not turn your computer off, they are shown at least once during the day.
14 day free trial for Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP.

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