Budget 4.4.2 OS X

Rated /5

Budget is personal finance software based on the envelope method of budgeting.
This “envelope method” allows you to see where your money is, where it’s needed and where it went !
Budget makes it easy to set aside money to pay your bills BEFORE they’re due. You may write checks, make deposits, enter payments and balance your checkbook.
Other features include :
– Set up your regular income to automatically distribute funds to various envelopes.
– Manage your savings accounts and track your investment portfolio.
– Print personal or business checks, including an image of your signature, on any printer.
– Automatic backup.
– Convert data from other applications, or download your transactions from a bank (QIF Import)
– Track your credit card spending.
– Convert amounts between more than 50 currencies.
– Reports and statistics so that you can see how well you are keeping within your budget.
– Powerful Search Capability
– Repeating transactions such as monthly bills can be set up as reminders.
– iCal Integration
– Spring-Loaded Envelopes : Using drag and drop to transfer money, group envelopes will spring open.

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