Letarot 3.0.2 Os X & 9

Rated /5

“LeTarot” is THE software for playing the Tarot card game according to the 4 player rules of the French Federation of Tarot.
• At any time, choose to play Tarot with real-live partners or even with silicon ones ! If you’ve only got one partner, or haven’t got one at all, the computer will replace any missing players with a very powerful playing engine.
• Tournaments can also be played over your local network or the internet (see System requirements).
• No more cards to shuffle, distribute, sort, no more counting tricks, no score to calculate: the computer will do it for you! and all in a fraction of a second…
• Although the cards are not physically present, they are displayed beautifully on the screen and are, therefore safe from accidental spillage of coffee, soda or other stuff…
• You lost the count of the trumps? Has the Queen of Hearts already been played?
No problem: the player has the possibility of viewing statistics of the game in progress! Played cards, “who has what” or “who probably has what”… and also all the tricks of the game in progress! Moreover, the player can access a computer “help” during each game phase (bid, discard, card play) . This is useful for novice players.
All these different options (which are not really “allowed” can, of course, be locked by the tournament organizer.
• The deals for a tournament can be prepared in advance using the integated deal editor. This option also enables you to create Tarot problems to solve.
• A game,or a tournament can be saved and be continued later on.
• More interesting than a friendly saturday night style tournament : the duplicate tournament .
In such a tournament, each player plays the same deal as the Taker and the computer plays the 3 defending players. The winner is the player with the best score after a certain number of games.
No more boring evenings with no play, never being able to take. With duplicate tournament, all players get to be the Taker !
It should be noted that even if you do not have a partner, you can measure yourself against the computer in a duplicate tournament : in this case the computer will play the same deal as you, by playing the 4 players! And that, of course without cheating…

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