TOKI LineTest 4.1

Rated /5

A linetesting tool for the creators of animated films and cartoons. TOKI LineTest is a useful tool for both professionals and amateurs needing to perform linetests, animate storyboards, chart sound tracks etc..
What is a linetest? When the artist has drawn the drafts of the animation, a “linetest” is created by capturing each drawing one by one. This linetest is one of the first important steps in the making of an animated movie and is essential in order to check the quality of the future animation.
TOKI LineTest allows you to

  • capture each drawing one by one with a Webcam or DV camera (or other video grabber)
  • check the rhythm of an animation starting from the key drawings
  • create and check the synchronization of an animation with the
  • control the animation in stop motion
  • create animated and sound sequences for distribution on digital media
  • and print out your xsheet, and open and work on several scenes at the same time.

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