Vade Retro 1.05

Rated /5

Vade Retro antispam for Outlook and Outlook Express is a free tool bar designed to block up to 99% of Spam.
The whole Vade Retro antispam software range is built upon an original filtering system, entirely designed by GOTO Software’s R&D team. Configuration is automatic and the Spam and junk mails are filtered directly into “junk mail” and “warning/virus” folders. These folders can be consulted if you wish and emptied at leisure. A “scan folder” feature allows you to clean up any junk/spam mails that may have already been poluting your mail box prior to installation of Vade Retro. Statistics are provided, so you can see just how many spam/junk mails you are receiving per day/week/month etc.. Updates are available for optimal protection.
This system is application-independent, which makes it pluggable in any data processing system handling e-mail arrival or transit: e-mail servers, workstation e-mail clients, e-mail relays, security appliances, routers, and so forth.
Working code of the e-mail analysing system is available under OEM licence for integration within third party application or equipment.

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