NeroNET Server 1.2

Rated /5

Share a burner over the network!
This client/server technology NeroNET completes Nero 6 Reloaded and gives IP network users access to recordable drives. NeroNET consists of two components : NeroNET Server and NeroNET client.
NeroNET Server runs on computers with a CD and/or DVD burning function (burn servers). The hardware configuration and user administration are also carried out here. If the burn server has a label printer, labels can also be printed using NeroNET server.
NeroNET Client runs on the individual users’ computers. NeroNET can only be used together with a full version of Nero and so NeroNET Client has the same comprehensive scope of functions as your full version of Nero. You can create compliations and prepare labels and then burn/print using NeroNET server.

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