Laplink Everywhere 5

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Complete freedom from your office or home PCs while staying connected, anytime and anywhere. That’s Laplink Everywhere.
Enjoy fast, simple, and secure remote access to all your PCs from anywhere, using any web browser on any device including PCs, Smartphones, Macs or even a Nintendo Wii! If you can access the Internet, you can get access to your PCs using Laplink Everywhere.
With the free Laplink Toolbar, you’ll get one-click remote access to your PCs, giving you the fastest tools to access your PCs. One-click remote access and the Laplink Toolbar are features only available with Laplink Everywhere that you won’t find with other remote access products.
Remote Desktop
Remotely control your PC from anywhere and use it as if you were sitting in front of it.
Internet Favorites
No need to try to remember the address of your favourite websites. Now remotely access your Internet Favourites (bookmarks) from any PC.
Send Files as Secure Download Links
Send a secure download links instead of attachments, no matter the size. No more “big attachment” hassles or long upload times.
Remote Outlook Access
Remotely access Outlook and use its components such as e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes using Laplink Everywhere’s streamlined web interface.
File Transfer
Transfer multiple files or directories quickly and easily between your PCs across the room or across the world.
Remote Desktop Search and Send
Find and forward any file or e-mail from your remote PC using Remote Desktop Search from Google or Windows. (Note: Remote Desktop Search must be already installed and running on your Host PC.)
One-Click Remote Access
Remote Desktop Control, Remote Access to Outlook, Remote File Transfer, Remote Synchronization, and more with only one-click.
Download or Upload
With the simple dual-pane interface, download or upload any files or folders that you need.
Synchronize Folders
Use Laplink’s patented SpeedSync technology to quickly and easily sync between your PCs.
Notes about trial version.

  • Trial (Limited) Version: To use LLE as a trial, leave Trial Version
    selected and the Serial Number field blank. Click Next.
    Note: For a 30-day Trial period following setup, a Host PC has Full
    version features even without a valid serial number. After 30 days,
    LLE will revert to the free Trial/Limited version, which is offered
    without several key features.

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