iUnit 2.0.0

Rated /5

A unit conversion program for the Macintosh, Windows, and Linux.
With iUnit you can convert between 1545 different units quickly and easily. iUnit also displays the values of 91 physical constants.
iUnit converts between the following types of units: acceleration, angle, area, capacitance, concentration, corrosion rate, currency, density, diffusitivity, distance, electrical conductance, electrical charge, energy, enthalpy – mol basis, frequency, enthalpy – mass basis, enthalpy – volume basis, entropy, force, heat capacity, heat flux, heat rate, heat transfer coefficient, industrial Weight Per Area Units, luminous luminence, luminous Intensity, magnetic flux, magnetic flux density, magnetic field strength, mass, mass flow rate, momentum, moment-Torque, power, pressure, radiation activity, stress, surface tension, temperature, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion – linear, thermal expansion – volume, time, type (printer’s), velocity, volume, volume flow rate, viscosity (kinematic), viscosity (dynamic).
iUnit also displays the values of the following types of constants: Mathematical, Physical , Planets , Metric Prefixes ,Amino Acids .
Also available for Windows.

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