The Virtual Drillmaster 3.5c

Rated /5

A virtual martial arts partner.
This program provides you with a fully customizable virtual martial arts partner for practicing martial arts techniques when you don’t have a live partner. The program contains a database of possible attacks (includes images, text, and sounds). You choose the exercises you want to practice, select round length, and then practice your responses to random or sequential prompts from the program. You can add exercises and photos of your own techniques plus sounds and descriptive text. The Full Install version includes images, sound, and text for 15 drills including Knife, Single Stick, Double Sticks, Boxing, and Focus Mitts, all with both the right and left hands. A light Install version (also shareware) is also available and includes images, sound, and text for 2 drills dealing with right handed Knife only.
Win 95/98

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