TakeAway! 2.0

Rated /5

A pairs game with a difference.
Several modes of play are available in the game Menu : Enigma, Memory, Gravity, Follow me, Push and Slider.
In Enigma, the object of this game is to remove all the tiles from the puzzle by matching them in pairs. However, you can only select tiles that are not “trapped” and how a tile is trapped depends on how you have the game play set up. On the bottom of your screen is a status bar, containing your score, time left, etc… and on the left is a small button with arrows on it. This button is used to select either Horizontal mode, Vertical mode or Easy mode (the easiest). In Horizontal mode, only tiles that are on the left and right edges of the stack can be selected. In Vertical mode, only tiles that are on the top and bottom edges of the stack can be selected and in Easy mode, tiles can be selected on any of the edges.You get less bonus points if you choose to use Easy mode.
“Memory” is a more classic pairs game with no “trapped” tiles !
This version of TakeAway! has improved graphics .
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