Droids 1.3

Rated /5

A remake of Daleks.
Droids is a strategy game that is based on the classic computer game ,Daleks (Dr Who characters from 1960s TV series). This game comprises two versions: the great classic version and a much more strategically advanced version. The aim is to battle your way through the many and varied levels, trying to avoid and destroy androids (you get limited ammunition though) who get smarter and smarter and more technologically advanced as the game progresses. The androids will follow you around in order to destroy you, and you can either shoot them (although, ammunition is limited) or choose to teleport to a different part of the game. Obviously, if you teleport you run a risk of teleporting directly on to another enemy…..
In addition to some bug fixes, this version has an option for selecting the different levels at the beginning of the game.

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