Dominoes For Windows 5.2

Rated /5

Dominoes which can be played via internet or against the computer opponent.
This game of dominoes can be played either against the computer or against another player via internet. You get the two most popular games in the US and the UK, Sniff and Fives & Threes. Both games are played on the same board and use the same graphics and sound effects. There are two deck sizes to chose from – double sixes or double nines. Your computer opponent has three playing styles to chose from. Your wins and losses are tracked separately for all three styles, and separately for both games. The game also keeps track of your over all standings.
The program takes care of all technical aspects of the game and will show you which dominoes it is possible to lay down as well as the places that the different dominoes can’t go.
Dominoes For Windows is part of a group of games sold on CD for $14.95.
Win 95/98

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