Aros Magic Reversi 1.0

Rated /5

This is a classic board game with beautiful 3D graphics a simple and easy to use interface.
Reversi is a classic game played on an 8×8 board. There are two players — black and white. Two human players can play together or you can play against the computer opponent. There are a choice of 5 levels (only 2 in the demo version).
Play goes in turn and each player places one piece of his/her color on an unoccupied space on the board. The computer will indicate the possible places. This placement must result in “flipping” at least one of the other player’s pieces. If no such placement is possible, the player must pass their move. If both players pass one after the other, the game is over (this occurs mainly when the whole board is full). The winner is the player with most pieces at the end of the game. Aros Magic Reversi is available in in several languages other than english, (including french), although translations are not perfect…
Win 95/98

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