Absolute BackGammon 5.2.2

Rated /5

Animated Backgammon.
Completely animated and with great sound effects (rolling dice, dropping pieces, etc.) this Backgammon program allows you to play against a computer opponent or in a tournament and has a “Money Game Play” to manage any winnings if money is being used. There is an unlimited move take back feature (back to the start of the game), the computer will recommend moves and you can use the doubling cube and get doubling cube advice. The current Windows version of the game allows you to play backgamon just using your voice. You must have SAPI compliant speech recognition software ,with command & control , installed on your system.
The speech software is not included, just the ability to use it.
Also available for Mac.
32 bit version for Win95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP

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