2PNG 1.3

Rated /5

Convert batches of files toPNG format.
The PNG (Portable Network Graphic) file format was developped to replace the GIF file format and allows storage of images with greater color depth, can achieve greater compression than GIF,(on most images) and supports an 8-bit alpha channel, so pixels in an image can have partial transparency.
This program will convert most image file types to PNG format and allows you to processes multiple files at a time as well as editing them (margins crop, rotation, mirror effect, change image size, make a single image collage from several images, specify image background color, apply various photo enhancement effects etc..). The program works in command prompt or DOS mode. It can be easily launched from Visual C++, Visual Basic or Delphi application or from Visual Basic or ASP script. There is no windows interface and it is fully optimized for working in background mode.
Win 95/98

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