Dot What? 1.5

Rated /5

A computer reference application.
When it started out, this program was simply a file extension reference application. It has now evolved to a universal reference application (File extensions, internet extensions, application search, zip codes etc !)
File extensions are sorted into alphabetical order and the program identifies the file types via the file extension, offering a description of the file. It will recommend the application with which to open the file and even presents the developer’s web page for downloading the application. The program also contains a database of common Internet extensions, including the different country domain names, and other domains. There is an Application Search, allowing the user to search for a particular application by typing in a partial-name. The program then provides the corresponding description, file types the application can handle and the related developer’s web site, etc.. There is also an Area Code Directory and Zip Code Directory for Northern American telephone codes and zip codes (postal codes). Also available for Windows.

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