2TIFF 3.3

Rated /5

Convert batches of files TIFF format.
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file is a must in the world of Desktop publishing. It is widely used by image manipulation applications (eg Photoshop) and professional printers due to its compression capabilities (compression is an option and has little consequence on the image quality) combined with the fact that it can can be read on both Mac and Windows. This program will convert over 50 diferent image file types to TIFF format and allows you to process multiple files at a time. However, 2TIFF is not just an image converter, it is also an image editor and enables you to change the image size, crop empty margins, rotate the image, correct the image for color, create a collage from a number of images and combine groups of images into multi-page TIFF files
.The program works silently in the background and can be easily launched from any Visual C++, Visual Basic or Delphi application, or even from any ASP script.
Win 95/98

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