TextSoap 6.0

Rated /5

TextSoap, clean your text with a click! TextSoap is the only text cleaning utility that maintains formating while it cleans up the text.

  • Clean messy emails, websites and other text littered with odd characters, hard returns, quote marks, extra spaces, and other junk.
  • Total control of your text and its style.
  • Over 100 built-in cleaners available to you with simple, one click access.
  • Quickly create custom cleaners to meet your specific needs, using over a dozen, simple, building blocks. No programming skills required. Just drag and drop.
  • Share cleaners between users. Using custom cleaners created by others is as easy as opening a document.
  • Mac OS X Services and Contextual Menu support allow direct access within your favorite applications.
  • Application plug-ins for BBEdit, TextWrangler, Mailsmith, and Eudora.
  • Convert Markdown format text to HTML.

Also available for Windows.

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