MacSatellite 1.0

Rated /5

Millions of free MP3 files.
This program enables users to share their MP3 files on the AudioGalaxy server and to search the server for other users’ MP3 files. Each user creates a folder containing the files to be shared. When the MacSatellite soft is run, it scans the folder and connects to the AudioGalaxy server providing the server with information about the contents of the folder as well as the IP address of the Macintosh. The user can then connect to the server with his/her usual browser, search for different songs and select the ones to download. The server and the software then work together, monitoring the disponibility of the requested files (on all the different machines) and managing file transfer (downloading is even possible piece by piece). Although, in theory, this method gives users access to millions of files, there are some hitches : Some files have titles with bad spellings, some are of poor quality, the server is often too busy and the connexion must remain active for a long period on both “sharing” and “receiving” ends (download will be stopped if the the user sharing the file logs off). Also available for Windows under the name of Rhapsody.

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