CopyQueuer 1.0

Rated /5

To copy batches of files and folders
With CopyQueuer you create a list of files and folders to be copied – you can add files by sliding them in to place, remove them and check for doubles. Copyqueur then instructs the Finder to copy them in one big batch job. This is quite useful for copying many files from different locations with System 7, especially if you are coping them over a slow AppleTalk network. CopyQueuer is compatible with OS 8 and 9, but is not as necessary because of the Finder’s built-in background copying.
The files are copied in to the folder of your choice, or can even be copied on to a different computer via network.
Reviews: Rated 4 mice by Mac Download (Aug 1996) “a must-have for anyone who moves lots of files around from one volume to another.

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