WS_FTP Home 12

Rated /5

New release of WS_FTP Home. WS_FTP Home is the ideal file transfer solution for personal use, offering a cost-effective way to quickly and easily transfer files of any type and size to any FTP server. The WS_FTP Home software does more than basic FTP solutions and offers a level of reliability and technical support not normally available with free software or Web-based alternatives.

  • Simple. WS_FTP Home works right out of the box and installation takes less than five minutes.
  • Functional. Perform multiple transfers at once.
  • Flexible. Transfer files over FTP, SSL, FTPS protocols.
  • Secure. Protect your files during transit with basic 128-bit encryption. Free 30 day trial for Windows XP, 2003 and Vista. What’s new in this version?
  • Enhanced SSL Certificate Management
  • Improved Performance
  • Support for Microsoft IIS and Apache Web Servers
  • Windows 2008 Support
  • Licensing

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