PowerDVD 9

Rated /5

Experience the best in video and audio entertainment with PowerDVD.
PowerDVD 7 features new and improved video technologies, sharp and bright colors (support for high definition video formats), complete movie theatre quality surround sound support, 5 UI modes and multiple skins, Dock mode – Access controls fom the bottom of the viewing screen, Wheel Control mode – Save space by providing only essential player controls, Mini mode – Get access to controls via the taskbar, Player mode – Move your floating panel of complete controls. Features utilities for enhanced DVD viewing. These include a “Say it again” utility, a “read it clearly” utility to move subtitles from the movie screen, and notebook maximizers to extend your notebook viewing time. PowerDVD 7 also allows you to play videos from any UPnP enabled device in your home network and connect to your Digital Home Media Server.
30 day trial version for Windows Vista, MCE, XP, 2000, ME.

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