ThrottleWatch 2.0.1

Rated /5

ThrottleWatch is a Windows utility for detecting and reporting the CPU throttling activity in in Pentium 4, Xeon, Pentium M, and Athlon 64 processors.
The amount of heat a CPU produces varies according to the processing load. In situations of high sustained load (such as performance benchmarks, etc…), a CPU may produce more heat than the cooling mechanism is capable of removing, and reach a high enough internal temperature to trigger throttling.
New version 2.01 also graphs (and optionally logs) fluctuations in the CPUs core frequency and core voltage made by Intel SpeedStep Technology, Intel Enhanced SpeedStep Technology, and AMD CoolnQuiet Technology.
When ThrottleWatch is minimized, an icon is added to the system tray area of the Taskbar. The color of the icon changes when throttling is detected.

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