Advanced Encryption Package 2008 4.7.4

Rated /5

Take control over your sensitive data!
Advanced Encryption package includes a file encryptor + file shredder + program making self-unpacking encrypted executable files + your personal ZIP archiver.
While it is well known that letters can be intercepted and phone lines can be tapped, it is not so well known that even e-mails can be easily read. In fact it is commonly believed that the login password provides privacy and security.
This is not actually so!
Advanced Encryption Package lets you encrypt/decrypt/shred/make sfx .exe/zip files. This program was included into PCWorlds 5 top encryption tools of the year list!
This program has a nice and clean user-friendly interface and full ZIP files support (with a capability to browse through existing .zip archives, extract their contents and create encrypted .zip files!)
Free 30-day trial for Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT/9X.

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