Advanced Email Parser 1.23

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E-mail plays a great role in business of today, being an effective mean for exchanging information. Information received via e-mail is often used in other applications. To transfer information from e-mail messages to other applications, one has to parse and process it first. Manual processing of messages requires much time and effort, and errors are very probable with it. AEP makes messages processing more effective, as it allows to parse data, process it and transfer to other applications automatically.
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With AEP, you won’t have to process incoming mail manually any more, whatever number of mailboxes you have. Just imagine that you don’t need to collect information from the reports sent to you and to import it to another application or database any more — now, AEP is at your disposal to do the job for you.
Advanced Email Parser fully automates receiving, processing and replying to incoming e-mail messages and can be used to do the following jobs automatically: processing of order forms received via e-mail, sending auto replies to clients, filling order databases, processing new orders, sorting and redirecting e-mail message flows, compiling mailing lists, maintaining statistics of any kind, creating automatic answering services, mail robots, saving back-up copies of important messages. AEP can be used as high performance email processor and message parser.
AEP can be integrated with varied software products supporting ActiveX technology. This allows data processing in external modules of different developers. For such integration, scripting languages based on Microsoft Active Scripting technology – JScript, VBScript or PerlScript – are used. AEP is an effective and reliable message processing tool, with high traffic capacity and little time required for each message processing. AEP support Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger and other mailbox formats.

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