Smiley Utility 1

Rated /5

This small utility stays in the system tray, and, when selected, offers a list of all 60 Yahoo Messenger smiley faces. Also stored with each image is its code. When you select a smiley face, the software automatically inserts its code into Yahoo Messenger Chat (or Yahoo Messenger PM, if you don’t use Yahoo Messenger). If the code doesn’t automatically insert, you can use the Copy to Clipboard option. When you select a smiley face, the software looks up its code on its internal list and sends a windowed message to Yahoo telling it to add the smiley-face code to your text. If it doesn’t do this, it has copied the code to the clipboard instead–so wherever you want to use the smiley face, right-click and select Paste. The program can be run from within any folder.

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